MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, needs to collect personal data from its clients, suppliers and partners under the purview of its legal services provision.

Therefore, this Privacy Policy is intended to help our clients, suppliers and partners to understand which personal data we collect, how and why we use it, with whom we share it and how we protect your privacy upon using our services.


MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS has always been committed to the protection, security and privacy of its clients, suppliers, partners and users of the website and our systems and facilities, before and after the enactment of Law no. 13709 of August 14, 2018. Our Privacy Policy has been drafted to affirm our commitment to and respect for personal data privacy and protection rules, allowing data subjects to be aware of the general rules adopted by our office and the treatment such personal data receives, in strict abidance and compliance with the applicable statutory laws in force.

MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is committed to respecting security and personal data protection best practices, promoting actions and improving systems, regularly and systematically, to preserve the protection of the personal data provided to us.

Completing our forms and our contractual and registration documents, using and navigating our website, and providing personal data, directly or indirectly, imply awareness and acceptance of the conditions of this Policy and any other terms, policies and specific conditions related to the provision of our legal services. Whenever personal data is provided to us, the individual or legal entity is authorizing us to receive, treat, use and share such data under the rules defined herein.


References in this Privacy Policy to “MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS” or “we” or “the office” mean MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS (legal entity registered in the National Register of Legal Entities – CNPJ under number 02.296.146/0001-51, exempted from state registration, established at Rua Itacema, 128, 2nd and 3rd floors, Itaim Bibi, São Paulo, Capital City, CEP 04530-050), the legal entity responsible for the personal data processing under the provisions of the General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD).


Personal data means any information related to an identified or identifiable person (data subject), and sensitive personal data is considered any data concerning racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, membership to a labor union or religious, philosophical or political organization, health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data.


We collect and process your personal data so that we may provide you legal services – whether as consultants or in litigation – and manage our contractual relationship with clients, suppliers and partners.

For more detailed information regarding the purposes of personal data processing by MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, please consult the table regarding data processing purposes, legal bases and/or personal data storage terms.


Our clients’ personal data is generally used under the purview of the provision and management of our legal services. The treatment of such personal data will be overall authorized under the contractual relationship established between MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS and the data subject, and, in certain situations, to comply with legal obligations imposed on the office.

Suppliers’ personal data (individuals), i.e., individuals who represent or work with suppliers and service providers for MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, to which the office has access under the purview of its services provision, is processed for the purposes of contractual relationship management. This processing is authorized upon the execution of an agreement entered into between MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS and the supplier, and, in certain cases, for the performance of legal obligations imposed on the office.

Considering the relationship with partners, i.e., individuals and their employees with whom MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS establishes a partnership relationship, and regarding the data necessary to manage such relationship, the processing is authorized upon the execution of an agreement entered into between MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS and the partner, and, in certain situations, for the performance of legal obligations imposed on the office.

The newsletters concerning legal and non-legal topics may be delivered to the email address registered in our database or via other forms of automatic call, where it is ensured that the information being provided is delivered to the email address recorded by the client, thus excluding the need to obtain consent. Clients should be aware that we do not share their personal data with third parties. If the person does not want to receive any further communication, they only have to make such request by email or access the specific link to unsubscribe the contact.


The personal data collected will be store by MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS for as long as its relationship with the client, supplier or partner is in force, and may be stored for a longer term as established by law or to defend a right/interest in a lawsuit, or even, to send legal information as provided above.


MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS will always have the utmost respect for the privacy of the visitors to the website (“User” or “Users”). The visit to this website does not imply the automatic registration of any personal data that identifies the User.

Receiving and processing personal data

MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS does not receive any personal data from its website.

Security measures

MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS personal data against unauthorized access via the Internet. For this purpose, it uses security systems, rules and other procedures to ensure the protection of its Users’ personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to such personal data, its improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.

MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS protects its Users’ personal data. The safety of the User’s equipment must be regularly checked by the User to ensure equivalent internal protection.


MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS does not use cookies on its website.


Under article 9 of the LGPD, data subjects are entitled to have easy access to information on their personal data processing, which must be provided in a clear, appropriate and conspicuous manner, among other features, as established in the free access regulation: I – specific processing purpose; ii – processing method and duration, observing trade and industrial secrets; iii – controller’s identification; iv – controller’s contact information; v- information about the personal data shared by the controller and purpose therefor; vi – data processing agents’ liabilities; and vii – rights of data subjects, specifically the rights provided in article 18 of the LGPD.

The data subject may exercise such rights by written request addressed to the Data Protection Officer of MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS at the address [email protected].

As per the law, the data subject is also entitled to revoke the consent that was granted to MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS at any time by express statement, and it is hereby agreed that the data processing made under the previous express consent will be in force as long as there is no request of revocation pursuant to article 18(IV) of the LGPD.


O MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is committed to protecting the personal data it stores against damage, loss, disclosure, misappropriation, alteration and destruction.

In this sense, it applies technical and organizational security and access control measures aiming to mitigate the existing risks.


MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS uses other entities to provide certain services. Eventually, these services, to be provided, may imply access by these entities to the personal data of its clients, suppliers, partners and website users.

Thus, any entity subcontracted by MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS will treat the personal data of the data subjects under the strictest compliance with the LGPD.

In certain situations, the personal data of the data subjects may also be shared with third parties, when such disclosure is necessary or appropriate (i) under the applicable law, (ii) in compliance with legal obligations/court orders, (iii) by determination of the National Data Protection Authority (ANPD), or, (iv) in answer to requests made by Public Officers or Government Authorities.

MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS will take all reasonable actions to ensure the effective protection of the personal data it handles, in case any of the foregoing situations should arise.


The services provided by MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS may involve the transfer of personal data to other countries.

In this case, MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS will implement the necessary and appropriate actions to comply with article 33 et seq. of the LGPD.


The data subject may contact MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS to obtain more information about their personal data treatment, as well as any questions related to the exercise of the rights to which they are entitled under the applicable laws in force and, in particular, those concerning this Policy, at the following e-mail address: [email protected]


MALLET ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS may modify its privacy policy at any time, always in strict compliance with the LGPD.

Date of the last update: 07/12/2020