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Our services


The firm premises are comfortable, stylish and ergonomic with modern IT resources which are constantly renovated and updated. There is also a large library, all focused in granting wellbeing to the employees and excellence in the service provided to the clients.


All work is supervised and coordinated by experienced attorneys who collegially define and evaluate, along with the client participation, what are the best strategies. The firm provides to its employees good working conditions to promote professional development with periodic updating courses, training cycles, study groups and seminars of different subjects, both in-house and outside the firm.


Process Management

All our files are digitally and physically stored and we count on a program to follow-up the judicial proceedings and to update the information in real time. It is a modern and safe program that also controls all judicial terms and daily commitments.

Our Work

The team of Mallet Advogados Associados is the soul of the firm, reason why we strive to foster their professional and personnel balance, integration and wellbeing.

Prizes and Recognitions


The firm operates essentially in São Paulo, which is the main economic center of Latin America, and through associate law firms in other locations in Brazil and abroad, which were selected for their tradition, trustworthiness and competence.